Building a Duplex


January / October 2016

Stage One

Old Building

Property getting ready to be demolished.

January 2016

Stage Two

The Foundation Of The Building

Land cleared. Preparing now for an exciting new start.

January 2016

Stage Three

The Foundation Of The Building

Footings have been dug out. Soil looks very solid. Here comes the steel.

January 2016

Stage Four

The Next Step

Always nice to see when the ground slab is completed and you're out of the ground.

February 2016

Stage Five

Further Step

Most of the building is complete and you can now picture your beautiful home.

Jun 2016

Stage Six

Here Comes The Door

Finishing touches, beautiful timber doors really give it the masterpiece look.

August 2016

Stage Seven

We Are Proud

Completed Duplex, after 2 years still looks amazing.

October 2016