Extending The House

Killara, Sydney

March / December 2017

Stage One

The Foundation Of The Building

Pool is in, the ground slab is poured.

March 2017

Stage Two

The Construction Begins

Steel beams are in, getting ready to brick.

March 2017

Stage Three

The Construction

Matching bricks to the existing house.

April 2017

Stage Four

The Roof

Roof frame nearly ready, getting ready for roof tiles.

April 2017

Stage Five

The Roof Is Completed

Roof tiles are on, looking amazing.

May 2017

Stage Six

The Ground

Stone layed, French pattern.

August 2017

Stage Seven

The Driveway

Preparing driveway to lay old pre-existing stone.

September 2017

Stage Eight

The Driveway

Old stone relayed.

November 2017

Stage Nine

Inside The House

Timber floor installation, with sound and temperature insullation.

November 2017

Stage Ten

The Ceiling

Matching new ceiling to the rest of the house.

November 2017

Stage Eleven

From The Backyard

Shot from the backyard, so proud of this project.

December 2017

Stage Twelve

The Part Of The Yard

A little greenery around the house.

December 2017

Stage Thirteen

The Inside And Out

Stacking timber doors, retaining wall with built in lights.

December 2017

Stage Fourteen

And Something Blue Out There

There's a beautiful swimming pool.

December 2017

Stage Fifteen

The Swimming Pool

Even bluer than the sky.

December 2017

Stage Sixteen

The Final Look Inside

Living room complete, hidden blinds come out from the ceiling. Breathtaking!

December 2017